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We provide you a full range of capabilities. Strategical ideas, conceptualization - all your challenges made our own.

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We are a team of young professionals having strong experience in modern technologies. We use our core competencies for providing quality and timely deliverables. We focus on cost effective solutions such as Application Development & Architecture Design, eCommerce Solutions , Call Center Outsourcing ,Content Management , Planning, Management and Execution ,Expert Ideas and Strategical Planning , Global Development. We have successfully completed a number of projects and received excellent appreciation & recommendations on them.


Our uniquely focused and aggressive processes realizes in breakthrough solutions to your business challenge. We start this by aligning our definition of success to what success means to you.


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We provide you a full range of capabilities. Strategical ideas, conceptualization, multi-channel solutions - all your challenges made our own.

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In recent years, technology has become more a strategic weapon than a mere functional unit supporting the business. This shift not only offers a new set of strategic options but also poses new questions for corporate leaders:

  • By broadening the role of technology to exploit its trends, how can we help deliver sustainable competitive advantage?
  • How can we make technology a significant driver of innovation while maximizing the benefits of business innovation?

At the same time, some traditional questions remain critical:

  • How do we align technology and business while ensuring that the technology strategy is flexible enough to adapt if necessary?
  • How can we focus the technology project portfolio to ensure optimal resource allocation and alignment of technology investment with business needs?

Because information technology is a driver of sustainable business growth, measuring and continuously improving IT performance tops the agenda for many executives. In today’s business environment, several specific questions are of critical importance to CEOs and CIOs:

  • How can we measure IT performance in terms of overall IT spending, cost structure, and contribution to business performance?
  • How well is our IT function performing compared with that of our competitors?
  • How can we achieve sustainable IT cost savings?
  • How can we industrialize IT services to maximize efficiency and effectiveness?
  • What is the best way to address issues regarding IT security, business continuity, and risk management for our company?

Our primary focus in IT Performance is the assessment and sustainable improvement of IT efficiency and effectiveness. To achieve true change and lasting advantage, BCG offers a comprehensive set of tools and frameworks that concentrate on four crucial areas.

Information technology is an essential part of most, if not all, global businesses. As its role in the organization has gained importance, IT’s efficiency and effectiveness have come under growing scrutiny. Organizations increasingly looking to optimize the IT function should focus on several important questions:

  • How good is our IT performance?
  • How much value does it generate for the business?
  • How do our IT capabilities compare with those of our company’s competitors?
  • What future changes do we need to make to our IT to support our company’s strategic business goals?
  • How important are the different IT capabilities to our business goals?

Developed by the Innovation Value Institute, the IT Capability Maturity Framework provides the answers through its standardized evaluation of the maturity level of every capability. The framework helps the IT organization understand its current position, make comparisons with benchmarks and peers, and define a target level (not necessarily the highest one) that will maximize the business value it generates for the company.

The focus of information technology outsourcing has shifted from just efficiency improvements to more comprehensive value creation. Companies are looking to their outsourcers for access to talent they could not otherwise afford or attract. They want outsourcers to help them create business innovations with IT. Therefore, as deals move from transactional to transformational, the market trend is to move from supplier relationships to partnerships with vendors whose pricing mechanisms are more innovative.

CIOs and other executives face a number of critical questions:

  • What should our overall sourcing strategy be? What should we do in-house, and what should we give to external providers? How many providers should we use? To what extent do we need resources onshore, “near shore,” and offshore?
  • How do we ensure that in-house IT can act as a world-class orchestrator and maximize the company’s value from outsourcing (for example, by leveraging innovative IT-delivery models such as cloud-based solutions)?
  • How should we structure deals when we expect the outsourcers to bring innovation and transformation to our company?

Technology plays a critical role in the success of significant business transformations—not only as a key enabler but also as a source of advantage. Technology in business transformation is about “moving the performance dial” and achieving a “step change” in capabilities for the organization. To create advantage, business leaders need to ask themselves the following questions:

  • How can we leverage technology to enable a step change in what the business is able to accomplish for its customers?
  • How can we emerge from a merger more nimble and agile than before?
  • How do we ensure that transformational programs are managed to achieve business value and not just technical delivery?

Technology organizations in all types of businesses have made great strides in the past ten years in efficiency and business integration through massive cost cutting, increasing commonality across the company, and consolidating distributed resources. New challenges are emerging with more technology-savvy people in non-technology functions, new paradigms such as Web 2.0 mash-ups and software as a service, and a rapidly evolving technology services and business-process outsourcing ecosystem. Successful technology organizations must, therefore, reinvent themselves to take their efficiency and effectiveness to the next level and manage the technology funtion like a business.

Today’s CIOs and CTOs are under pressure not only to optimize technology costs but also to generate value. They face a number of critical questions:


  • What should be the overall role of technology in the organization? As many of the day-to-day execution roles have been moved to external providers, should technology move more aggressively to take an active role in activities such as business process design, business transformation leadership, product design, and shared business services?
  • How can a technology organization run like an efficient factory with a Six Sigma philosophy and also help generate technology enabled business innovations as an R&D lab or venture-capital-funded start-up would?
  • Are we attracting the right talent, and, if so, are we managing them effectively?

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Application Development & Architecture Design

Application development practices are rapidly evolving to modular development, utilizing both business-relevant and more agile methods, whose focus is reuse and assembly. Our Application development practices aids ourIT development tracks in understanding how to adjust their application lifecycle management (ALM) practices and technologies to embrace new approaches to the following areas: project and portfolio management, governance and compliance, integration, testing and performance, business process modeling and data modeling.

eCommerce Solutions

We provide you a suite of solutions to match your organizations need. IT resources for integration support with back-end systems, so that you can have business users manage the products and the site’s user interface.

Most of our clients have gone with us where we focus on providing commodity e-commerce functions (enabling organizations to have basic online stores) to a large audience, and also on providing enterpriselike e-commerce solutions for large organizations, which are more aligned with Web 2.0 capabilities.

Call Center Outsourcing

For many small, medium and largebusinesses outsourcing a call center is an excellent way to generate sales and help current customers with tech support and customer support issues. We help businesses that are looking for a low cost way to either sell their goods, support customers with technical problems or customer service issues.

Our low cost and management in place is far more affordable than businesses spending lots of time, resources and labor creating their own call center from scratch. Businesses can take advantage of the number of domain expertise our call centers have: Health care, Banking, Travel, Mortgage, HR & Recruiting, Insurance.

We help businesses understand how the new service will either spur sales or enhance customer satisfaction, thus increasing customer retention and limiting customer churn.

We have major businesses qualifications, labor requirements and technology requirements and various competitive rate plans.

Starting with us also includes a deeper consultation in which the business and the outsource work together to create solutions that either generates sales for products or services and also gives customers support for billing and technical products.

Content Management

An affordable, platform based solution for managing your company’s unstructured content right within SharePoint.
We can customize ECM to allow marketing teams to launch online campaigns and manage rich internet applications and where mash-ups of information and functionality are pulled from multiple locations.
An enterprise scalable and comprehensive SharePoint ECM solution for searching, viewing, publishing, securing, routing and annotating your company’s mission critical electronic content
We provide a comprehensive solution for managing the capture of your enterprise content using the Microsoft SharePoint platform
Direct integration with the user’s desktops for the capture and standardization of electronic content from Microsoft Office, e-mail or even line of business applications.

Planning, Management and Execution

Expert Ideas and Strategical Planning

Global Development

For most companies, innovation is the key to driving growth, value for shareholders, and competitive advantage in today’s global economy. But half of all companies are unhappy with the results of their innovation activities. How can the potential of innovation be realized?

Companies that are not effective innovators face a number of challenges: 

  • How do we improve the financial returns from our current activities? How can our company build and sustain an innovative culture?
  • What does it mean to be an effective innovation leader?
  • How should we be measuring innovation?
  • How can we modernize our business model?

Adolpha Competencies
Adolpha has extensive experience across the full range of topics facing companies that want to become more resourceful or increase the impact of their innovation activities. Our expertise falls into six major areas:

  • Alignment of business and new strategies
  • Internal and external idea generation, capture, and management, plus portfolio composition
  • Innovation process and functional productivity and effectiveness
  • Organizational alignment and design, plus leadership behavior
  • Measuring innovation
  • Business model innovation

These are typical of our projects:
To create a strategic and sustainable long-term approach to constant renewal, Adolpha also has a special focus on business model innovation. Whether we are transforming a company’s core business model or designing new business models to capture growth from new segments or markets, Adolpha incorporates creativity, analytical rigor, deep industry knowledge, and rich insights from the study of transformative models.

  • Redesigning and optimizing a new product-development process and organization
  • Developing a future research-and-development strategy and aligning the organization around it
  • Identifying and realizing breakthrough innovation through the gathering of relevant information about the customer
  • Fundamentally increasing an organization’s ability to produce new and original thinking by transforming the culture, leadership, employees, and processes

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Our main objective in everything we do is satisfying our clients, and ensuring that they can rely on Adolpha as their partner for solving their challenges.


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